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Menu: Bhutan

I’m not sure I stand a chance with Bhutanese food. You may find me with my head in a bucket of ice before this week is over.

I’m originally from New England where we don’t “do” spicy. In fact, my strapping Oklahoman husband is the only reason I can eat anything remotely spicy. Just looking at him down so-called “hot” buffalo chicken makes me sweat (although some of that is because of the crush I had – and continue to have – on him). Year after year of his teasing has worn me down and I’ve graduated from mild to medium. Let’s just say I’m nervous.

NOTE: This week’s Global Table is completely vegetarian. Recipes and photos will be up on Monday, as usual.

Butter Grilled Poblanos
Poblano’s stuffed with a generous pat of butter and grilled until soft and smoky

Ema Datshi (chili pepper and cheese sauce)
Firey hot chilies and cheese melt together in the beloved national dish of Bhutan

Cracked Red Rice
Himalayan rice with a reddish/pink hue and slightly bitter, whole-wheat flavorAvailable online and at many Indian markets.

Butter Tea
Hot black tea made with butter and milk

Himalayan Fruit Salad
Bhutanese love cool, fresh fruit at the end of their meals. Our salad is made with a few of their favorites: Papaya, Mango, and banana

4 Responses

  1. Sounds yummy, as always! And all that butter? Julia would approve!

  2. I am curious about the butter in tea too..and I am thrilled to see a vegetarian meal…I wonder if it could also be made vegan?..your audience could widen…..using Earth Balance instead of buttter or ghee…anyway…looks and smells delicious! 😉

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